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Solar System Lollipops

Solar System Lollipops

Solar System Lollipops

Ever wanted to taste Uranus? Um, well now you can with these cool new Solar System Lollipops. This pack of ten super-detailed planetary 3D lollipops features all of the planets, poor demoted dwarf planet Pluto, and even the Sun. Each handmade lollipop is almost a confectionary work of art with a clear front side showing a detailed planet and a black backside that depicts the vastness of space. Each one also has a unique flavor as well: Sun (marshmallow), Mercury (tropical punch), Venus (cherry), Earth (cotton candy), Mars (pear), Jupiter (key lime), Saturn (guava), Uranus (blackberry), Neptune (mango) and Pluto (strawberry/kiwi). Not sure why the Sun is marshmallow flavored and not Habanero, but these are all still fun nonetheless.

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