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License Plate Bat Wings

License Plate Bat Wings

License Plate Bat Wings

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Somewhere in between the faux reindeer antlers on top of your car at Christmas and mounting giant bullhorns to the front of it, there's a subtler way to dress up your vehicle all year long or just around Halloween with these cool new License Plate Bat Wings. These little handmade black bat wings easily attach to the license plate of most vehicles by sharing the same two top screws on top. They extend out around 10 inches, so check the clearance around your license plate first. These spooky bat wings are 3D printed using durable, weatherproof, and recycled PETG plastic, are available in either 10 inch wings up (front) or wings down (rear) size or 7 inch motorcycle size, and are made in the USA. Unfortunately, these bat wings won't fully turn your car into a certain gothic superhero mobile nor will they allow it to fly, but they are much cooler than Truck Nuts. Yep, they also make festive License Plate Reindeer Antlers too!

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