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Snap and Pour / Adapt A Jug Set

Snap and Pour / Adapt A Jug Set

Snap and Pour / Adapt A Jug Set

I don't pour things well. When it's time to top off those vehicular fluids, half of the windshield washer fluid usually ends up all over the engine and I leave the oil changes to the professionals. Well, I found a cheaper solution and it's the cool new Snap and Pour / Adapt A Jug Set. This innovative set of spouts extends your reach and lets you easily pour motor oil, pesticides, cleaners, wiper fluid, fertilizers and anti-freeze more accurately and without splashing, dripping, or spilling. The set includes two Snap and Pour Spouts and one Double-Threaded Adapt-A-Jug Spout.

Yeah I know, a funnel works just as well too.

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  • Pour motor oil, pesticides, and other fluids without splashing, dripping, or spilling
  • Pour spout set reduces splashing to help prevent ground pollution and spill stains
  • Adapt-A-Jug Spout: extends your reach and has both 28 mm threads and 38 mm threads
  • Snap and Pour Spout: turns plastic jugs into funnels for no-mess pouring
  • Great for use with cleaners, fertilizers, pesticides, engine oil, anti-freeze
  • Set includes: 2 Snap and Pour Spouts - 1 Double-Threaded Adapt-A-Jug Spout

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