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LOST Viewing Party Kit

LOST Viewing Party Kit

LOST Viewing Party Kit

After all these years of wondering how the television show LOST would end, we're all about to finally witness The End on Sunday, May 23, 2010... FINALLY! To celebrate this final episode properly, every proper LOST finale viewing party needs one of these official LOST Viewing Party Kits. Each Dharma Initiative approved set includes 10 paper plates, 10 plastic cups, 10 heavy stock paper coasters, 10 paper napkins, 10 balloons, a bottle opener and 10 stickers. All items are packaged in a white box with a Dharma label on top. So pick up a kit, order a bucket of Mr. Cluck's fried chicken and more than likely end up more confused than you already are when it's all over.

NOTE: Is it just me or are these Dharma items an homage to Spaceballs The Movie?

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