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HyperWhistle - World's Loudest Whistle - 142 dB!

HyperWhistle - World's Loudest Whistle - 142 dB!

HyperWhistle - World's Loudest Whistle - 142 dB!

If you're gonna use a handheld whistle, then it might as well be as loud as possible. Billed as the world's loudest whistle, the cool new HyperWhistle uses a radial tri-frequency design to emit a super loud, high-pitched "peep" that reaches up to 142 dB with a 2 mile range - it even includes hearing protection. It features anti-microbial, all-weather, and naturally buoyant construction, a clip neck lanyard, and works in all environments, even underwater. Perfect for boating, lifeguards, gym teachers, safety, camping, sporting events, search and rescue, law enforcement, emergencies, scaring random people, castaways, and much more. Check out the video demo below where it reaches 143 dB in a test.

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  • Worlds's Loudest Whistle
  • LOUD! - Up to 142 dB - 8x range of a common sports whistle
  • 2 mile usable range
  • Includes hearing protectors and easy clip neck lanyard
  • Used for Boating, Sporting Events, Life Safety, Camping, Hiking, Construction, Emergency, and more
  • Works in all weather environments, including underwater
  • Anti-microbial composite, all-weather construction
  • Unique radial tri-frequency design
  • Naturally Buoyant

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