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Galvanized Metal Bubble Wreath

Galvanized Metal Bubble Wreath

Galvanized Metal Bubble Wreath

This cool new Galvanized Metal Bubble Wreath is an all-season wreath made up of empty galvanized metal rings that can hold ornaments and greenery for Christmas, succulents in the Spring, spooky tea light candles around Halloween, or anything else you can dream up throughout the year. It's handcrafted from rolled strips of galvanized sheet metal that are brass-welded into a circles of varying sized rings. You can hang it like a traditional wreath or even use it as a centerpiece on your table.

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  • Galvanized metal rings bubble up an industrial twist on the classic holiday wreath
  • Strips of sheet metal are expertly cut, rolled and brass-welded into an effervescent round of varying rings
  • Fun on the wall or tabletop - holiday time, or any time
  • Make it merry with ornaments, sprinkle line lights, or tea light candles as a festive centerpiece
  • Handcrafted
  • Galvanized sheet metal
  • Antique powdercoat finish
  • Brass-welded
  • Made in India
  • Size: 17.5" W x 4" D x 18" H

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