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Darth Vader Helmet Cookie Jar

Darth Vader Helmet Cookie Jar

Darth Vader Helmet Cookie Jar

Have a villainous hunger and willing to give into the Dark Side to ruin your dinner? Then stash your cookies, candy, nuts, or whatever inside this cool new Darth Vader Helmet Cookie Jar. Yep, the protective helmet of an evil Sith Lord is just as good as anything else to hold cookies inside - unfortunately, Jango Fett's helmet still had a head in it. Officially licensed by Lucasfilm, they have no shame, this highly detailed, glazed ceramic cookie jar is designed like Darth Vader's infamous helmet and is air-tight, no working breathing apparatus, to keep your cookies extra fresh, well, not carbonite fresh, but fresh enough.

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  • Officially licensed by Lucasfilm
  • Detailed glazed ceramic cookie jar in the style of Darth's famous helmet
  • Completely air-tight so it'll keep your biscuits fresh
  • Won't breathe heavily or try to strangle you with the force
  • Does not contain the wrinkly blue face of Anakin Skywalker

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