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Retro Ceramic Popcorn Bowl

Retro Ceramic Popcorn Bowl

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The only movie theater I go to anymore is in my living room. State-of-art high definition video and sound, luxurious seating, top-shelf booze, spotless restrooms, BBQ grill, pause button, general cleanliness, no obstructed views, no commercials, UNRATED cuts, healthy hot air popped popcorn and on and on. The only thing that is actually missing from my at-home cinema, besides the high prices, the ambiant noise of the general public and their plastic gadgets and the aftershow parking lot shootouts, is the popcorn box. I know theaters now use those apparently expensive bags instead of the cool old-school, boxes and buckets, but try to follow along.

The Retro Ceramic Popcorn Bowl is designed to look just like an old-fashioned movie theater popcorn box with the iconic red and white stripes and is sure to be the final missing touch to your home theater. Unlike a movie theater, you won't find this under your seat and since it's made of forever reusable ceramic that is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, it won't end up in a landfill either. It's perfect for enjoying a delicious popcorn snack on movie night, while watching award shows about foreign actors and unknown movies or just because.

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