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Harry Potter Basilisk Candy Bowl

Harry Potter Basilisk Candy Bowl

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As you reach into this cool new Harry Potter Basilisk Candy Bowl hoping to snag some sweets (preferably from Honeydukes), whatever you do... don't look the serpent in the eyes or get too close to its venomous fangs! A direct look can instantly kill and an indirect glance can petrify. Well, thankfully this isn't a magical full-sized Basilisk slithering around in the Chamber of Secrets deep below Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it's just a creepy serpentine candy bowl crafted from aluminum and should be most safe, unless it's cursed of course. It's the perfect candy bowl for serving up Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters or just a normal decorative bowl if you're from the house of Slytherin. 🐍🍬

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Harry Potter Basilisk Candy Bowl
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Harry Potter Basilisk Candy Bowl
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Harry Potter Basilisk Candy Bowl
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Harry Potter Basilisk Candy Bowl
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Harry Potter Basilisk Candy Bowl
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Harry Potter Basilisk Candy Bowl
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Harry Potter Basilisk Candy Bowl
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Harry Potter Basilisk Candy Bowl
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