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Ouchlet - Power Outlet Bandage Covers

Ouchlet - Power Outlet Bandage Covers

Ouchlet - Power Outlet Bandage Covers

Help keep your kids safe from power outlet electrocution when you dress up your home's exposed outlets with these cool new Ouchlet - Power Outlet Bandage Covers. These unique power outlet covers are disguised as whimsical bandages that serve as a reminder to little kids that sticking their fingers into a power outlet equals an instant "ouchie" or something shockingly worse. A simple, fun and obvious reminder to protect little kids about the dangers of alternating current.



  • Set of four bandage-shaped outlet covers
  • Let kids know that a bandage equals an ouchie
  • Helps keep kids safe from being electrocuted
  • Size: 2.5" L x 1.25" W

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