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Inflatable Snow Globe Fort

Inflatable Snow Globe Fort

Inflatable Snow Globe Fort

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When I was a kid, if I wanted a cool snow fort, I had to spend all day shoveling out a large cave in a giant snow pile left behind by a snow plow coming through. Now you just need an air pump it seems. This winter, take refuge from an incoming barrage of snowballs, take a break from the icy elements, hilariously slide down a hill, or just put yourself (or a snowman) on display in the front yard inside this cool new Inflatable Snow Globe Fort from BigMouth Inc. Yep, it's a huge inflatable transparent snow globe with an inflatable tube base and an opening on the side allowing someone to crawl inside it. It's also a fun spot for kids to hang out in when they come inside to warm up or to take shelter in when an incoming barrage of foam darts is unleashed their way. It's an inflatable fort disguised as a snow globe, so you're really only limited by your imagination for its near endless possible uses. ❄️

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