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Glass-Bottomed Grand Canyon Skywalk - 4000 Feet High!

Glass-Bottomed Grand Canyon Skywalk - 4000 Feet High!

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Earlier this month, representatives of the Hualapai Tribe stated that the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation would be constructing a glass, U-shaped walkway called the Grand Canyon Skywalk, that extends 70 feet over the edge of the Grand Canyon with a suspension of 4000 feet over the Colorado River. Along with this glass skywalk there will be a visitor's center offering meeting venues and a cafe that will feature outdoor edge patio seating. They hope to have this new attraction completed and open to the public by early 2006, but as of this writing, they have still yet to find an insurer for the project! This "attraction" is definitely not for the timid or for those who have a fear of heights, but there may be some thrillseekers out there who are willing to brave the depths of the Grand Canyon. Would you take one step out on this thing?

UPDATE 2: The Grand Canyon Skywalk has been unveiled and officially opens to the public March 28, 2007!

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