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ZERO-G - Zero Gravity Weightless Experience (Video)

ZERO-G - Zero Gravity Weightless Experience (Video)

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I'm not really into flying on airplanes at all, but I would face my fears in a heartbeat if I could experience zero gravity weightlessness. Well, a new company is now offering up the coolest experience you will ever have that is literally like nothing on Earth called the ZERO-G Weightless Experience! Although you never actually reach outer-space, you do get to leave on a jet plane, er on G-FORCE ONE which is a specially modified Boeing 727-200. Once in the air, G-FORCE ONE will engage in 15 parabolic flight maneuvers. These weightless maneuvers let you experience 2 Lunar (1/6th gravity), 3 Martian (1/3rd gravity) and 10 total zero-gravity weightless sessions for 30 seconds each.

I totally want to do this. Forget bungee jumping, sky-diving (actually this is like sky-diving minus the wind and bringing the plane with you), etc. because this is truly the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime experience. Check out the videos below to see a others having a total blast and the other to see Professor Stephen Hawking take his Zero-G flight. All you regular Green Heads out there and us here should all meet up and go experience zero gravity together, because there really is nothing cooler to do, except maybe actually being in space, landing on another planet or time travelling.

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