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LARQ - Self-Cleaning / Purifying Smart Water Bottle

LARQ - Self-Cleaning / Purifying Smart Water Bottle

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Reusable water bottles are obviously a much better alternative to single use, plastic disposable water bottles, but keeping them clean and odor-free isn't so easy and the water you put in them may not be the purest. This cool new LARQ Smart Water Bottle is the solution. This is the world's first self-cleaning / purifying water bottle that uses UV-C light to destroy 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses in the drinking water and on the inner surface of the bottle itself to keep it germ-free. Just tap the touch-sensitive lid to activate. It's constructed from double-wall insulated stainless steel that keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot ones hot for up to 12 hours and features a self-cleaning mode that is activated every 2 hours to help keep the bottle clean and an adventure mode that provides additional water purification power when camping or traveling. A great way to deal with reusable water bottle odors and questionable drinking water sources.

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LARQ - Self-Cleaning / Purifying Smart Water Bottle
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LARQ - Self-Cleaning / Purifying Smart Water Bottle
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LARQ - Self-Cleaning / Purifying Smart Water Bottle
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LARQ - Self-Cleaning / Purifying Smart Water Bottle
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LARQ - Self-Cleaning / Purifying Smart Water Bottle
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LARQ - Self-Cleaning / Purifying Smart Water Bottle
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LARQ - Self-Cleaning / Purifying Smart Water Bottle
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LARQ - Self-Cleaning / Purifying Smart Water Bottle
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