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Neptunic Sharksuit - Sharkproof Chainmail Dive Suit

Neptunic Sharksuit - Sharkproof Chainmail Dive Suit

Neptunic Sharksuit - Sharkproof Chainmail Dive Suit

You might not necessarily need a bigger boat when you slip on this cool new Neptunic Sharksuit. This full body stainless steel chainmail dive suit keeps the wearer extra protected and hopefully intact after a bite from the perfect underwater predator, a voracious shark. Designed for divers, shark researchers, marine biologists, people who maintain those gigantic aquariums, or anyone who wants to survive a nasty shark bite, this chainmail suit will provide great protective coverage for the wearer descending down into the murky shark-filled depths. This wearable shark armor includes a hood, tunic, sleeves, pants, gloves, belt, and booties. Now if the shark is so massive that it can swallow you whole... well, at least you'll give it severe indigestion on your way out.

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  • Sharkproof stainless steel chainmail dive suit that has protected marine biologists and shark experts head-to-toe since 1978
  • Sleeves are worn beneath the tunic to provide two layers of armor from the elbow to the upper torso
  • Integrated gloves incorporate a trap door design that enables one to remove hands when tactile manual dexterity is required
  • Tunic's extended length and front-split bottom is worn under the pants to provide double coverage from the knees to the waist
  • Built-in stainless steel belt sleeve extends the entire circumference of the waist for evenly distributed weight support
  • Can be with or without the included military-grade harness
  • Worn under the pants, the booties secure the feet with hook-and-loop fasteners that enable quick removal for secure topside footing
  • Hood provides coverage for the head and neck

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