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Peugeot All-Terrain BBQ Pepper Mill With LED Light

Peugeot All-Terrain BBQ Pepper Mill With LED Light

Peugeot All-Terrain BBQ Pepper Mill With LED Light

When you absolutely, positively need the toughest pepper mill for your backyard grill that can withstand the elements, illuminate the darkness, and crack some serious fresh pepper, behold the cool new Peugeot BBQ Pepper Mill from France. This all-terrain BBQ pepper mill has a built-in LED light for lighting up food on the grill at night for precision peppering, has protective rubber rings for impact protection and the best grip, a stainless steel base, 6 pre-defined grind settings, a handle for carrying or hanging, and beechwood construction. The light automatically turns on when the pepper mill is tilted, turns off when it's vertical, and has a battery that lasts 20,000 on/off cycles. Now everyone please calm yourselves down, I know you're all excited, but it's still just a pepper mill... a badass one.

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  • Manual pepper mill with a built-in light
  • All-terrain BBQ pepper mill is capable of shrugging off impact and withstanding intensive outdoor use
  • LED light automatically switches on when the pepper mill is tilted to 25° and gradually switches off when vertical
  • Constructed of recycled beechwood and features a stainless steel base with protective rubber to withstand intense outdoor use
  • Battery lasts 20,000 on/off cycles before needing to be changed.
  • Rubber protection
  • Stainless steel base
  • Grind adjustment system with six predefined grind settings
  • Handle enables it to be conveniently carried around and hung from the barbecue for easy storage and accessibility at all times
  • For grinding black, white, green, red and pink peppercorns (up to 15% in a blend) as well as coriander seeds
  • Made in France
  • Size: 2 5/8" L x 2 5/8" W X 12" H

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