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Handcrafted Tree Root Coffee Table

Handcrafted Tree Root Coffee Table

Handcrafted Tree Root Coffee Table

When you absolutely must have a coffee table that is sure to draw attention to itself, then check out this cool new Tree Root Coffee Table from Woodland Creek Furniture. This rustic coffee table is handcrafted from a giant reclaimed tree root, finished, and then topped with beveled glass to not only function as a tabletop, but to deliver unobstructed views of the stunning sculptural tree root base below it. Available in various sizes to fit your home and custom sizes can be requested as well.

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  • Stunning reclaimed tree root coffee table with glass top
  • Handcrafted with beautiful organic tree roots - no part of the tree is wasted
  • Textured section of a tree root with copious character
  • Beveled glass top provides ample surface area and offers a beautiful view of the striking natural, organic root below
  • Available in various sizes including Custom Sizes

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