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Wine Bottle Topper Serving Set

Wine Bottle Topper Serving Set

Wine Bottle Topper Serving Set

Take a charcuterie board to the next level, literally, with this cool new Wine Bottle Topper Serving Set from designer Tati Guimaraes. These flat bamboo tabletops use full or empty wine bottles as table legs to serve up a selection of cheeses, prepared meats, crackers, nuts, fruits, and other charcuterie staples to your guests in elevated, rustic style. This set of three bamboo tabletops have holes designed to rest upon standard 750ml wine bottles and are perfect for serving up tasty appetizers on wine-fueled picnics, wine tastings, or just anytime you'll be entertaining hungry wine-loving guests and have plenty of empty wine bottles looking for something useful to do.

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  • Designer: Tati Guimaraes
  • Make picnics more elegant with lightweight, bamboo, midcentry-style tabletops that use full or empty wine bottles as the table legs
  • Portable picnic tables with bamboo tabletops that rest on wine bottle necks are as elegant as indoor ones
  • Fits standard 750 ml cork-top wine bottle
  • Three mini midcentury-style tabletops have holes cut into the corners for resting onto wine bottle necks, which—ta-da!—are now table legs
  • Bamboo tabletops are lightweight
  • You bring wine to every picnic anyway, right?
  • Fortunately, those bottles perform empty as well as they do full
  • Made in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Holes: ~1.25" diameter.
  • Small: 13.5" x 4.3"
  • Medium: 11.3" x 11" x 13.5"
  • Large: 16" x 13.6" x 14.4"

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