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Wireless Touch-Sensitive Glass Keyboard

Wireless Touch-Sensitive Glass Keyboard

Wireless Touch-Sensitive Glass Keyboard

Wish your keyboard looked like it was actually from this century? Find typing texts and emails on a smartphone to be utterly annoying, especially with auto-correct always making you look an idiot? Then check out this cool new Transparent Wireless Glass Keyboard from Brookstone. This futuristic Bluetooth keyboard has a full QWERTY layout arranged on a sheet of clear touch-sensitive tempered glass along with a touchpad mouse when using it with a laptop or desktop computer. It pairs easily with Bluetooth compatible iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices, recharges via USB, and includes a handy cleaning cloth. The only downside is getting used to not hearing that satisfying keyboard click.

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  • Touch-sensitive glass with full QWERTY layout
  • Easily pairs with your Bluetooth® device
  • Touch-pad mouse function
  • Recharges via USB (cable included)
  • Writing texts and emails just got A LOT easier
  • Compatible with iOS, Android®, Windows®, and Mac OS X devices
  • High-quality aluminum and tempered glass construction
  • Includes cleaning cloth

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