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G-Tech - Smart Fabric Roll-Up Bluetooth Keyboard

G-Tech - Smart Fabric Roll-Up Bluetooth Keyboard

Maybe I'm just getting old or I'm just utterly incompetent when it comes to typing on cell phones, but I just can't text message people. The phone always guesses the wrong word or I have to keep going back to fix something, the buttons are tiny, basically typing on them is a horrible experience. I find it even more insane that I'm typing on a phone to begin with, something that I could use to actually speak with someone. Well since everyone insists on texting me anyways, I need a real keyboard. I need the G-Tech - Smart Fabric Roll-Up Bluetooth Keyboard. Simply unroll this ultra thin fabric keyboard and it connects to your cell phone wirelessly via bluetooth and you're good to go. I still hate cell phones.


  • wireless, unbreakable and weighing in at less than three oz., this keyboard is a can't-live-without travel companion
  • arrives with nylon bag, phone stand, manual, software and two AAA batteries
  • unrolled, keyboard measures 12" x 4 1/2" wide

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