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Dell XPS M1530 Notebook Computer

Dell XPS M1530 Notebook Computer

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I've been looking for a new notebook computer for awhile now. I don't want one that's too big, nor one that's too small. I recently had a 17 inch model which just failed on me at the worst possible moment, but I always felt it was just too wide and heavy to be a good all-around portable computer. I simply want to be able to pull up the internet, play a game, update this website or do a little work from anywhere in the house or while traveling and not feel like I'm lugging it around. My second main concern was an HDMI output, so I could easily connect it to an HDTV and surf the web with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse or simply watch downloaded movies and content from the Internet like on Netflix's new "Watch It Now" service, Amazon's Unbox, CinemaNow, iTunes, etc. Of course, I also want one that looks cool too.

I just found the perfect solution, the Dell XPS M1530 Notebook Computer! Just in time for the holidays, Dell has unleashed a 15.4 inch version of the previously very popular 13 inch XPS M1330 (too small for me) with a few new features. In addition to the larger 15.4-inch HD display (not too big, just right), this cool new notebook starts at just 1" thin, weighs under 6lbs and has great features and options like an HDMI out, Bluetooth 2.0, 802.11n wireless, a slot-loading optical drive, Blu-ray, a built-in biometric fingerprint reader, mobile broadband for Sprint, Verizon or AT&T(2008), an integrated 2.0 megapixel webcam and enhanced-capture microphone array, the Nvidia 8600 graphics card, three great color choices: Crimson Red (very nice), Tuxedo Black and Alpine White (No Green Head green yet) and more.

The XPS M1530 truly is a great mid-size, lightweight portable notebook with an incredibly sleek new design, offers plenty of bang for the buck in features and options and brings a computer easily into my living room. If anyone has been wondering what is on my wish list this Christmas, yep, this is it. I've been good.

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