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LifeHub - 3 Device USB Charger With Extended Reach

LifeHub - 3 Device USB Charger With Extended Reach

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Now that just about everyone on the entire planet has their nose endlessly buried in a good smartphone or tablet, this cool new Innergie LifeHub will come in might handy. This handy USB charger lets you comfortably share power for up to three mobile devices with others using an outlet practically across the room. It features three 2.1-amp USB ports that can simultaneously recharge smartphones, tablets, or any combination of both using an extended reach 15 foot long cable. It features built-in surge protection to shield from voltage spikes, a built-in cable storage cradle, and integrated GreenSense Technology for energy efficiency and power saving. Perfect for the couch, where you and your family and friends can all gather to ignore each other some more while the television is on in the background for flickering ambiance.

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Modeled after Dr. Emmett Brown's iconic Flux Capacitor, these fun USB chargers can charge up to two devices at once - 1.21 gigawatts not required.
Braided Fabric Smartphone Cables
These tangle-free smartphone cables are attractively fabric wrapped (attractive as far as cords go) in four different color combinations and are available in four types: Apple 30-pin and Lightning, MicroUSB, and Aux.
Mr. Ghost - iPhone EMF Detector
Do you ever sense a presence in your home when no one is around? This EMF detecting antenna for your iPhone detects if it's an electromagnetic or paranormal activity problem.
USBCell - USB Rechargeable Batteries
When these batteries start losing their juice, simply flip open the top, reveal the built-in USB recharging connector and plug it into your computer, laptop or other USB hub for a quick recharge.
Ouchlet - Power Outlet Bandage Covers
These unique and fun power outlet covers are disguised as whimsical bandages that serve as a reminder to little kids that sticking their fingers into a power outlet equals an instant ouchie or something shockingly worse.
UltraPro Extension Cord Wrap With Built-in Outlets
Wind up and store away a long extension cord or plug other power cables into the built-in grounded outlets and then unwind the exact amount of cord you'll need.
EGO Nexus Power Station - 3000 Watt Portable Battery-Powered Generator
The world's first battery-powered generator that can not only match the power of a gas generator, it can do it indoors or out, home or away, and without all the fumes, noise, and maintenance.
Socket Sense - Expandable Power Strip
This surge protecting power strip is able to expand or contract each of its 6 sockets to accomodate all sorts of power adapters.
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LifeHub - 3 Device USB Charger With Extended Reach
Whether you're in the car, the gym or anywhere there's an extra cupholder handy, this innovative stand keeps your iPad 2 accessible with 360 degrees of viewability.
LifeHub - 3 Device USB Charger With Extended Reach
When you give presentations and need to seamlessly control the mouse on a monitor, just slip on this innovative wireless mouse on your forefinger and control the cursor by sliding your thumb over the touch pad.
LifeHub - 3 Device USB Charger With Extended Reach
This floor-standing tablet caddy is perfect for surfing the web or reading a ebook on the couch or in bed, watching movies while exercising, following recipes in the kitchen, or any other reason you can think up.
LifeHub - 3 Device USB Charger With Extended Reach
Paper cookbooks are collecting dust in the 21st century as more and more of us are turning to tablets like the iPad in the kitchen. These cool sleeves will protect them.
LifeHub - 3 Device USB Charger With Extended Reach
These little rectangular, circular and square shaped removable stickers come in dimmed or total black out versions to effectively tame all the irritating LED lights in your life.
LifeHub - 3 Device USB Charger With Extended Reach
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LifeHub - 3 Device USB Charger With Extended Reach
Whether it's 100 feet underwater, in the bathtub, in the kitchen, on a boat, on the sidelines, in the hands of a baby, at the beach, on the trail, or even in the aquarium, now your iPad or Kindle can finally come along with you when you slip it safely into this cool new vacuum sealed waterproof case.
LifeHub - 3 Device USB Charger With Extended Reach
Creepy tentacle wiggles and squirms when plugged into a computer's USB port. That's it.
LifeHub - 3 Device USB Charger With Extended Reach
These sugar-free silicone laptop stands may look like sticky chewed up bubble gum, but are a fun way to prop your laptop up at the perfect angle for typing or for helping to keep it cool and comfortable. Don't stick them under a table when finished.

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