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e-Pad - Portable Laptop Desk

e-Pad - Portable Laptop Desk

e-Pad - Portable Laptop Desk

I'm always surfing the web on my notebook computer while watching tv or lying in bed (possible Internet addiction!), but I'm tired of using a pillow to keep my lap and other extremities properly protected from the extreme heat. If you're like me or just want to free yourself from the desk or table, check out this cool new e-Pad - Portable Laptop Desk.

The ultra-lightweight e-Pad is a portable workspace for your lap that lets you comfortably use your notebook computer anywhere you want. It features a soft, angled design that provides stable support for your computer and cushioned, soft padding underneath that naturally conform to your contours and keeps your lap cool and comfortable. It comes in the colors, red, black, blue to match your decor and has a built-in carrying handle to easily take it from room to room. Great solution until the inevitable touchscreen tablet computers hopefully begin to show up one day.

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  • Instantly transforms your couch, bed or chair into a comfortable workspace
  • Soft, angled design and just-right support for your laptop computer
  • Soft padding naturally conform to your contours
  • Built-in carry handle and ultra-lightweight construction
  • Cushioned to keep your lap cool and comfortable
  • 3 fun colors to match your mood or decor

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