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Karotz Interactive Smart Rabbit - Speaks, Sees, Listens, Obeys, Teaches and Wiggles His Ears

Karotz Interactive Smart Rabbit - Speaks, Sees, Listens, Obeys, Teaches and Wiggles His Ears

It won't replace your lazy mean old cat (yet), but the cool new Karotz Interactive Smart Rabbit is kind of like a futuristic 21st century pet/assistant that speaks, sees, listens, obeys, teaches and even wiggles his ears. This cute little state-of-the-art plastic bunny is equipped with a webcam, Wi-Fi, RFID, microphone, speakers and magnetic rotating ears that all work with over 400 interactive apps and counting. Fore example, the Karotz rabbit lets you monitor your home from your iPhone or other compatible device, plays music, can wake you up through song, teach you a new language, post to Facebook or Twitter just by talking to it, remind you of appointments, get you the weather forecast, read your email or the Internet to you and on and on. It even comes with two mini RFID tags which provide instant updates, such as reporting when your kids get home from school. To best see what it can do, check out this VIDEO to see it in action. Cool huh?

  • Lifestyle:
    • Learns its owner's voice, habits and routine
    • Responds to verbal requests for weather, traffic, news, stock updates, horoscopes & more
    • Reminds you of appointments, holidays, birthdays and more
    • Wakes you up to your favorite music
  • Communication:
    • Reads e-mails, friends' Facebook status updates and tweets aloud
    • Allows the user to talk for free with fellow Karotz friends, via direct chat or a smart phone
  • Entertainment:
    • Plays Web radio stations, MP3 files/podcasts from USB drives, computers, phones & iPods
    • Tutors kids by reading pre-recorded stories & coaching with educational games
    • Interactive games and quizzes
  • Security:
    • Integrated webcam sends images directly to a smart phone or computer, so you can see everything that Karotz sees
    • RFID chip sensor also provides instant updates, such as reporting when the kids get home from school
  • Community:
    • Karotz Store website is a cooperative global online community where developers can create and sell apps

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