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Adjustable Tablet Stand

Adjustable Tablet Stand

Adjustable Tablet Stand

I was on an exercise bike the other day unsuccessfully trying to balance an iPad on the handlebars in an attempt to watch a movie to no avail. Next up I was trying to follow a video recipe on it in the kitchen and accidentally knocked it off the counter. Then last night I was lying in bed trying to read the Kindle, dozed off and dropped it. Either I'm terrible at living in the 21st century or I just need a modern solution, so I searched online and found this cool new Adjustable Tablet Stand.

This convenient stand holds an iPad, eReader, tablet and other mobile devices completely hands-free. It features a patented spin joint for landscape and portrait modes, a cantilever design, 6 positions, requires zero clearance under furniture and folds and stores when not in use. I know it sounds like a device for lazy people, but I think it would be handy to have around.

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  • Requires zero clearance under furniture
  • Patented cantilever design
  • Quickly folds and stores when not in use
  • Patented spin joint allows quick transitioning from landscape to portrait
  • Frees you to do other things while using your e-reader or iPad
  • 6 positions equal unlimited possibilities
  • Use on either side of your bed, chair or sofa
  • Size: 13" L x 13" W x 48" H - 35 lbs

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