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The Pop-Up Book Of Nightmares

The Pop-Up Book Of Nightmares

The Pop-Up Book Of Nightmares

3D movies are once again all the rage, but before the moving picture, the pop-up book was the original source of three-dimensional thrills. Well, you no longer need to be a kid to enjoy a literary world of fantastic images that leap out at you from the page, because there is a growing category of adult-themed pop-up books like the Pop-Up Book of Phobias, the Pop-Up Book of Sex, the Pop-Up Book of Working Lamps and now the frighteningly macabre Pop-up Book Of Nightmares!

The unsettling Pop-up Book Of Nightmares by Gary Greenberg is a cool new pop-up coffee table book that lets you explore all your worst nightmares, while wide awake, in glorious scream-inducing illustrative 3D. If you're too afraid to revisit this dark realm of dreams, I suggest flicking on a few extra nightlights before experiencing nightmares like falling, drowning, being chased, being unprepared for exams, giving birth, being naked in public, being in a car accident and more! It makes a great gift for adults, but if you give it to a kid and it gives them nightmares, well at least now they have a good reference book to relive them over and over again like the rest of us.

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