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Altar Of Eden by James Rollins

Altar Of Eden by James Rollins

Altar Of Eden by James Rollins

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I just picked up James Rollins' latest novel, the Altar Of Eden and can't wait to dive into it. If you're into stories with thrilling adventure, breathtaking suspense, lurking danger and mind-blowing science that play out in your head like the greatest movies never made, you need to pick up one, er, all of his books! James is one of the ultimate storytellers of pure adventure!

If you've finished reading this book, feel free to review or start a discussion in the Comments below. We look forward to your thoughts, but please try to avoid spoilers and don't give away the ending, because I'm just starting it.

Official Description

Following the fall of Baghdad, two Iraqi boys stumble upon armed men looting the city zoo. The floodgates have been opened for the smuggling of hundreds of exotic birds, mammals, and reptiles to Western nations, but this crime hides a deeper secret. Amid a hail of bullets, a concealed underground weapons lab is ransacked and something even more horrific is set free.

Seven years later, Louisiana state veterinarian Lorna Polk stumbles upon a fishing trawler shipwrecked on a barrier island. The crew is missing or dead, but the boat holds a frightening cargo: a caged group of exotic animals, clearly part of a black market smuggling ring.

Yet, something is wrong with these beasts, disturbing deformities that make no sense: a parrot with no feathers, a pair of Capuchin monkeys conjoined at the hip, a jaguar cub with the dentition of a saber-toothed tiger. They also all share one uncanny trait - disturbingly heightened intelligence.

To uncover the truth about the origin of this strange cargo and the terrorist threat it poses, Lorna must team up with a man who shares a dark and bloody past with her and is now an agent with the U.S. Border Patrol, Jack Menard.

Together, the two must hunt for a beast that escaped the shipwreck while uncovering a mystery tied to fractal science and genetic engineering, all to expose a horrifying secret that traces back to humankind's earliest roots.

But can Lorna stop what is about to be born upon the altar of Eden before it threatens not only the world but also the very foundation of what it means to be human?

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