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Die Hard Coloring Book

Die Hard Coloring Book

Die Hard Coloring Book

Yippee-Ki-Yay!!! While not all of us will get to take on international terrorists, er, exceptional thieves taking an entire skyscraper hostage, but we can now at least color in the details with this cool new Die Hard Coloring Book. This hilarious adult coloring and activity book is filled with 80 action-packed pages of black and white drawings, quotes, and puzzles based on scenes from the Christmas movie classic, DIE HARD. The perfect gift or stocking stuffer for any Die Hard fan. Check out the video below to see a flip through of all the pages.

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  • De-stress by coloring in action-packed Die Hard scenes
  • Authorized tie-in coloring and activity book
  • Some of the movie's best moments, recreated in detailed black-and-white line drawings
  • Over 80 pages of skyscraper-scaling action to get to work on
  • Also contains iconic Die Hard quotes, puzzles and games
  • Hans Gruber and his posse crash the Christmas party at Nakatomi and take the tower hostage
  • John McClane's limo ride with Argyle
  • The tension-filled crawl through the building vents
  • John's morbid message delivery to Hans (written on the corpse of one of Hans' men)
  • The famous bloody footprints
  • John leaping off the Nakatomi tower

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