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Skewdats - Reusable Cocktail Garnish Skewers

Skewdats - Reusable Cocktail Garnish Skewers

Found: January 7, 2021 | Location: Gear / Barware

Take your next Bloody Mary, tropical Tiki cocktail, or ice cream sundae literally to a whole new level and bring a healthy appetite with along when it when you use these cool new Skewdats to display a mountain of tasty garnishes above it. These epic reusable skewers allow you to add up to eight towering branches of appetizing garnishes over your Bloody Mary or other cocktail to not only ensure quite a few double-takes, but social media photo ops as well. Just preload each skewer with anything from olives, cheese, fruits, and meats to chicken wings, mini hamburgers, onion rings, egg rolls, donuts, hot dogs, pretzels, or any other edible garnish you can dream up that fits, lock the loaded skewers onto the support hub, and drop it down in your drink. While everyone else is stirring their Bloody Mary with a boring stalk of celery and wishing they were you, I'll be making a proper martini with entirely too many olives. They're perfect for memorably garnishing up cocktails at home and would be equally cool in bars, restaurants, brunch, or anywhere that wants to serve up the craziest Bloody Marys anyone has ever seen.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This helps support the site. Thanks!
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


  • Set of two Skewdats Reusable Cocktail Garnish Skewers
  • Create photo-worthy cocktail presentations
  • Reusable plastic skewers hold a variety of cocktail garnishes
  • Take your Bloody Marys, tiki cocktails, and boozy milkshakes to new, memorable heights
  • 8 durable and reusable plastic skewers that you pre-load with your favorite drink garnishes
  • Once loaded, simply insert the skewers into the support hub and lock them in place
  • Then, set the hub inside any tall, beverage-filled drinkware for an over-the-top cocktail presentation
  • Load up anything from chicken wings and beef sliders to fresh fruit and cupcakes - You're only limited by your imagination!
  • Made of reusable black plastic
  • Designed to hold all of your favorite garnishes
  • Perfect for everything from a Bloody Mary to tiki drinks
  • Load the skewers with everything from olives to burgers
  • Once loaded, insert the skewers into the support hub and lock them in place
  • Size: 11.5"L

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