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Chess Wine and Whiskey Decanter

Chess Wine and Whiskey Decanter

Chess Wine and Whiskey Decanter

Do you love to play chess while sipping a glass of wine or whisk(e)y as you strategize your next careful move? Then get totally checkmated with this cool new Chess Decanter from Wine Savant. This decorative set includes a majestic queen chess piece decanter that's handcrafted from mouth-blown glass and holds up to 750ml, four rook chess piece shot glasses, and a chess board base. Makes a great gift for chess lovers.

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  • Chess is one of the most formidable games of strategy ever invented
  • This cleverly crafted wine and whiskey decanter set matches your grandmaster's play flawlessly
  • Elegant chess board base adorned by 4 rook shot glasses and the elegant queen decanter!
  • We have combined all of our love for fine chess playing and a little wine into the perfect decanter to elevate your wine drinking experience
  • Material: Mouth-blown glass
  • Capacity: 750ml
  • Size: 12" H

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