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80 Hour Beeswax Coil Candle with Bamboo Stand

80 Hour Beeswax Coil Candle with Bamboo Stand

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Need a long-lasting candle for extended power outages? These cool new Beeswax Coil Candles have a unique 100% beeswax coil that can burn for up to a whopping 80 hours. Set atop a rustic bamboo base and housed in a tall glass chimney, the beeswax coil is lit and then fed in small increments, three inches per hour, up through a copper-finished candle clip. A truly great example of form and function working in harmony, even as a decorative touch when the power is on.

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Harry Potter Magical Floating Candle
Wish you could visit Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to witness the magical floating candles in the Great Hall? Too bad Muggle, you're going to have to settle for this cool new Harry Potter Floating Candle instead.
Reflection Centerpiece
This watertight matte black metal tray can either be filled with water to act as a miniature reflecting pool accented with floating candles and flower blossoms or can be used for arranging natural moss, candles, rocks, succulents, and more.
Yankee Candle Man Candles
These limited edition scented candles were designed to be uniquely pleasant to a man's discerning olfactory senses. Mowed grass, sawdust, leather and more.
Jolly Rancher Candles
The mouth-watering taste of a Jolly Rancher candy has finally been captured and tranferred to a mouth-watering scent with these cool new Jolly Rancher Candles.
Italian Wine Bottle Hurricanes
These stylish outdoor torches are made from specially cut Italian wine bottles that act as hurricane covers for the candles inside!
Hershey's Syrup Chocolate Scented Candle
This 14.5 oz hand poured wax candle comes in an authentic, retro-style can, complete with a pry-off lid, and smells just like real Hershey's chocolate syrup.
Evergreen Tree Candles
Intricately shaped and detailed evergreen-shaped holiday candles that are made from 100% paraffin wax, come in three sizes and can be clustered to form a little decorative evergreen forest.
Brass Clapper Candle Snuffer
Give your candle a round of applause before extinguishing it for the night with this cool new Brass Candle Clapper Snuffer.
Realistic Avocado Candles
These realistic candles may look like actual avocados at first glance, but they're actually handcrafted In California from beeswax with cotton wicks.

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80 Hour Beeswax Coil Candle with Bamboo Stand
It may seem as if you have fallen into a magical fantasy land, are badly hallucinating or were abducted to a strange alien world, but Glow-in-the-Dark Mushrooms are very real, very cool and very illuminating.
80 Hour Beeswax Coil Candle with Bamboo Stand
To turn on, just aim and fire the gun-shaped remote control and the lampshade rises up slowly, fire again and the lampshade gets knocked back and turns off! You feeling lucky lamp?
80 Hour Beeswax Coil Candle with Bamboo Stand
A gravity-defying fusion of the past, present and future of lighting!
80 Hour Beeswax Coil Candle with Bamboo Stand
The Glow Brick is a really unique nightlight. It is cordless glow-in-the-dark suspended light bulb filled with a phosphor luminescent powder that is encased in a solid acrylic brick. It glows by releasing energy it has absorbed from natural UV light and recharges simply by being exposed to daylight. Weird.
80 Hour Beeswax Coil Candle with Bamboo Stand
No matter whether you're running, cycling, walking, or just stumbling about outside at night, then clip on these cool new Schatzii FireFly Light Clips to the heel of your shoes to be extra visible in the darkness.
80 Hour Beeswax Coil Candle with Bamboo Stand
This gigantic version of the Original 1227 Task Light is scaled up reproduction that reaches 8 feet tall at its max height and showers a room in illumination for more than one reader.
80 Hour Beeswax Coil Candle with Bamboo Stand
Transform the dark night into light with a little help from the Dark Knight when you fly in this cool new Batwing Desk Light.
80 Hour Beeswax Coil Candle with Bamboo Stand
This massive 8 foot long inflatable arachnid has an abdomen that illuminates in a swirling kaleidoscope of orange and white colors.
80 Hour Beeswax Coil Candle with Bamboo Stand
The cool new Magnetic Motion Lamp designed by scientist Kyle Haines replaces the traditional lava with a unique magnetic liquid called ferrofluid that can be made to spike up and move around by running the included rare Earth magnets along the side of the glass.

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