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K-Droplet Soy Sauce Holder

K-Droplet Soy Sauce Holder

K-Droplet Soy Sauce Holder

The cool new K-Droplet Soy Sauce Holder is a stylish hand-blown glass soy sauce holder with a unique dropper that lets you dispense the perfect amount on your sushi and eggrolls using simple physics. Just dip the dropper in the soy sauce well, place your finger over the opening on top to store the sauce inside, lift up, aim and release. To stop the flow, just put your finger back over the hole. A great alternative to the usual dunking and over-drenching and makes a cool gift.

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  • Designer: Takenobu Igarashi
  • Elegant, hand-blown glass dropper lets you dispense soy sauce with poise
  • Employs simple physics to give you complete control over how much sauce you want flavoring your bites
  • Simply place your finger over the opening in the dropper to store the sauce inside, aim and release to let the liquid escape
  • When done, just replace your finger over the hole to stem the flow and return it to its well
  • Mouth-blown and handcrafted by artisan glassware company Shotoku Glass in Japan
  • Handwash recommended - Not safe for microwave use
  • Size: 4" H (with dropper) x 3.25" Diameter

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