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Season Shot - Real Ammo With Flavor!

Season Shot - Real Ammo With Flavor!

Season Shot - Real Ammo With Flavor!

Ha Ha - I love this product. Now, I'm not a hunter and I love animals, but somebody has to go shoot the turkey for my Thanksgiving dinner. If you're a hunter, why shoot your prey with metal shot from a shotgun shell? You all say you hunt because you want to eat right? Well, let's make it easier. Check out this morbidly hilarious new ammo called Season Shot! Instead of traditional metal shot, it's full of tightly packed seasonings like Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic, Teriyaki & Honey Mustard. So when you shoot down your next pheasant, quail, duck or turkey, the seasoning will be injected automatically on impact, plus it kills it. I'm sorry, but this is really a funny, cool new product.

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  • Load your gun with Season Shot and let the hunt begin. Watch as your bird is seasoned on impact leaving no harmful waste behind in the environment.
  • Forget about removing shot, prepare the whole bird for dinner! The Season Shot pellets will melt in the oven seasoning the entire bird.
  • Enjoy! No wasted time, no wasted meat, no waste left behind. Finally there's a better way!

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