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Char-Broil Big Easy - Oilless Infrared Turkey Fryer

Char-Broil Big Easy - Oilless Infrared Turkey Fryer

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If you've ever had a deep-fried turkey, you know you will never cook one in the oven again. The outside of turkey comes out golden-brown and crisp and the inside is juicy, tender and delicious. The results are perfect, but the method is really quite scary and dangerous.

Traditionally, to make a deep-fried turkey, you have to heat gallons of searing hot oil over an open flame and the chances of overflowing oil, splatters, burns, fire, explosions and death are always on the top of your mind. When you are finished cooking, disposal or storage of the expensive oil is a real pain as well. Well, all of these problems have been solved with the cool new Char-Broil Big Easy - Oilless Infrared Turkey Fryer. Now, you can have that same deep-fried taste experience, without all of the dangers, without all of hassles and expenses and it's healthier for you as well.

The Char-Broil Big Easy - Oilless Infrared Turkey Fryer is just that, completely oiless. Simply connect a propane tank to the fully-enclosed 18,000 BTU burner, add a turkey (up to 16 lbs!), chicken, beef roast, pork tenderloin, or other large cut of meat to the cooking basket, place it inside the stainless steel cooking chamber and turn it on. Without pre-heating, it automatically distributes heat evenly using a patented infared technology, rather than hot oil, to cook it at the correct temperature. So shut down the ovens, dispose of your oil properly and start a new healthier and safer turkey cooking tradition this Thanksgiving. Trust me, you'll love the taste.

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