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Philips Fully-Automatic Compact Pasta Maker

Philips Fully-Automatic Compact Pasta Maker

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Wish you could make healthier homemade pasta from scratch at home with total ease? Wish you didn't have to make an entire box of the hard pasta that will only tempt you with leftovers? Then dine in gourmet style with perfect sized portions without much effort or mess with this cool new Philips Viva Collection Pasta Maker.

This compact, fully-automatic pasta maker mixes, kneads, and extrudes 2-3 servings of fresh pasta and noodles in only 18 minutes. Just add flour, eggs, and water using the included pre-measured flour and water cups, switch it on, and wait for it to begin extruding spaghetti, penne, or fettuccine through one of three different cutting discs. You can even add herbs and healthy vegetable juices like spinach, beets, or carrots to make different flavors and colors of pasta. It features built-in storage for the three shaping discs, a long kneading tube for smooth and elastic dough, and detachable, dishwasher-safe parts.

Mmmm, pasta is sounding pretty good right now.

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