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Flower Pot Bread Making Kit

Flower Pot Bread Making Kit

Flower Pot Bread Making Kit

At one point or another in life, many of us have tried making our own homemade bread, but how many of you have ever tried making it in little flower pots? This cool new Flower Pot Bread Making Kit includes four miniature terra-cotta baking pots and all the dry ingredients you need to not only bake up fun little flower pot breads, but tasty lavender butter as well.

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  • Makes flower pot bread and lavender butter
  • Kit includes 4 terracotta baking pots and dry ingredients
  • Ingredients: wheat flour, granulated sugar, coarse salt, yeast, lavender
  • Makes 4 bread pots
  • Additional items required: butter, parchment paper
  • Baking time: 45 minutes
  • Size: 4.5" H x 6.5" W x 6.5" L

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