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Social Light - Decorative Leather Lighters

Social Light - Decorative Leather Lighters

Social Light - Decorative Leather Lighters

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When you're lighting up a candle or a fireplace, don't flick a flame with some cheap plastic lighter, use this cool new Social Light - Decorative Leather Lighter. As far as lighters go, these luxurious refillable fire igniters are the epitome of stylish design. They functional pieces of art feature distinctive leather-wrapped handles with quality stitching, weighted handles with study metal construction and an adjustable flame. Also great for concerts.



  • Functional pieces of art for lighting candles, potpourri or hearths
  • Distinctive leather-wrapped handle, quality stitching
  • Weighted handle with study metal construction
  • Adjustable flame, refillable with quality butane
  • Colors: Black, brown, red
  • Size: 12" L x 1.5" W

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