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Pet Seat Belt

Pet Seat Belt

Pet Seat Belt

The seat belt was put into the automobile to save our lives in a crash, so why do people let their pet's run free while driving? The cool new Pet Seat Belt lets you easily strap your cat or dog securely in its seat using the existing seat belt. Simply slip the padded, fleece-lined vest over their chest and fasten the harness to the seat belt. It doesn't restrict the pet's movement and locks only during sudden stops, relying on the seat belt's locking mechanism and is flexible enough to absorb the shock without harming the pet. The dog may not like wearing its seatbelt, but too bad, it's the law.

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  • Automobile safety harness keeps your pet securely in its seat
  • Harness fastens to a seat belt
  • Padded, fleece-lined vest straps comfortably to a cat or dog's chest
  • Durable yet flexible harness stretches to absorb shock
  • Metal D-rings reinforce load-bearing sections of the harness to provide optimal strength
  • Harness adjusts to provide a custom fit
  • Vest is machine washable
  • Relies on a seat belt's locking mechanism - locks only in response to abrupt motions
  • Sizes: SM, MED, LG, XL

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