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Clean Park Heavy Duty Garage Mat

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Clean Park Heavy Duty Garage Mat

Tired of a messy garage floor? Want to keep it clean and dry in the winter months? Want to track less dirt and grime into your home? Then check out this cool new Clean Park Heavy Duty Garage Mat. This heavy-duty vinyl mat with raised edges catches gallons of the melted snow, mud, slush, oil drips, and more from your car to help keep your garage floor clean and extra safe. Great garage solution, especially if you live in snowy areas. Available in various sizes to accommodate most vehicles and even things like snowblowers, mowers, and more.


  • Catches every drop of mud, slush and grime
  • Keeps your garage and home clean and safe
  • Super strong, raised snap-on edges are fast and easy to install
  • Helps prevent slips and falls
  • heavy-duty 50-mil vinyl - raised plastic edges
  • Holds gallons of liquid from spreading onto the garage floor

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