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Heavy-Duty Home Parking Curb

Heavy-Duty Home Parking Curb

Heavy-Duty Home Parking Curb

When you pull your car into the garage to park are you sick and tired of driving right through the wall? Well most of us drivers don't hit and drive through every single thing we see, but there are some of you out there that just don't seem to understand the simple concepts of "Wall" and "Stop". Good news, you can now get a Heavy-Duty Home Parking Curb to well, er "curb" that behavior. This durable rubber parking curb is great for those mentioned above, the unsure, new teenage drivers, RV owners, boat trailers, etc. I want one just to have a funny parking curb in the garage.

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  • Parking made easy
    As easy as parking in an office garage or the local shopping malljust pull up to the rubber curb. Position the durable rubber curb on your garage floor where you would like to stop your vehicle. The next time you drive into the garage, stop the vehicle when your front tire touches the curb.
  • Perfectly positioned
    Youll always be positioned perfectly in the garage, so you will have ample space to access the trunk, open the doors and close the garage door. Curb is heavy enough that it remains in place when lightly bumped by your wheels, but its design allows you to slide it to a new position as needed.
  • Visible at night
    The curb is painted with bright yellow stripes and has reflective glass beading to optimize visibility.
  • Specifications
    Manufactured of 100% recycled tires. 6w x 22l x 4h.

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