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Clever Crates - Collapsible All-Purpose Utility Crates

Clever Crates - Collapsible All-Purpose Utility Crates

Clever Crates - Collapsible All-Purpose Utility Crates

These cool new Clever Crates are all-purpose utility crates that quickly collapse down for space-saving storage when not in use. To open, just lift up on the top frame to let the sturdy solid base drop down and extend the solid walls on the sides and then push down the handled ends into place. They're perfect for carrying groceries, organizing your car's trunk, storing sporting goods, carrying garden supplies, holding toys, carrying laundry, or transporting stuff on camping trips and picnics. A heavy-duty yet lightweight alternative to the typical cardboard boxes and unsanitary tote bags and can even be cleaned in the dishwasher before being folded flat and stored away. Available in solid wall, grated wall, or handled shopping basket designs in various colors and sizes.

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  • Pop 'em open when you need them, fold 'em flat when you don’t
  • Combines packing, transport and storage into one reusable, collapsible bin
  • Sturdy, solid bottom base and has solid walls which are ideal for heavy-duty projects
  • Side-grip handles allow for convenient transportation
  • Lightweight frame keeps carrying comfy
  • Hygienic and can even be sanitized in the dishwasher
  • Perfect for sporting equipment, arts and crafts, gardening, home improvement projects, and more
  • Versions: solid wall, grated, or handled shopping basket
  • Various sizes

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