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Wicker Pineapple Storage Basket / Hamper

Wicker Pineapple Storage Basket / Hamper

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If you enjoy the tropical look of a pineapple just sitting on your kitchen counter, then imagine how exciting it will be to gaze upon this cool as Wicker Pineapple Storage Basket. This giant all-weather pineapple basket is made from waterproof synthetic wicker, so it's durable enough to withstand the elements and well-ventilated to prohibit mold and mildew. Perfect for anyone needing a unique wicker storage basket shaped like a pineapple to really tie a room together or a really unique hamper for dirty clothes or pool towels.

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Unhampered - Collapsible Laundry Basket
This ingenious space-saving laundry basket folds up flat, making it easy to stash away out of sight when not in use.
Collapsible Wooden Basket
Handmade collapsible wooden basket transforms from a flat wooden board into a fully functional serving bowl with just a simple push.
Scented Wax Pine Cone Fire Starters
Wax pine cones are efficient fire starters, plus they fill your home with a woodsy balsam scent. A great gift, the rustic wicker basket is filled with 14 large cones - slash, loblolly and white pine - in festive shades of cream, light green, dark green and red.
Faux Hyacinth Basket Planter
It may look like a woven hyacinth basket, but it's actually made from durable resin and can used indoors or out to hold faux or live plants and small trees.
Color Cones - Create Blue and Green Flames in the Fireplace
As these little pine cones burn, they transform boring flames of orange and red into magical blue and green for around ten minutes.
Reclaimed Wooden Well Buckets
These antique wooden well buckets have survived through the decades and have been reclaimed for use as rusticly stylish holders for your magazines (soon to be lost to history too), dried flowers, yarn, firewood, toilet paper rolls or whatever you'd like to put in them.
Foldable Clever Crates
Space-saving, foldable plastic crates designed to stow away in your vehicle's trunk or cargo area for carrying in groceries and other items or just for storage around the house.
Woven Stair Basket
This unique-shaped woven wicker basket is designed to sit securely on two steps on your staircase to collect items like toys, clothes, books, mail, magazines, blankets, supplies, shoes, and an endless assortment of other little things throughout the day that eventually need to make a trip upstairs... all at once.
Double Sided Nut Basket for Opened and Unopened Shells
Just grab a nut from one side, crack the shell, eat the nut, and deposit the empty shell to the other side. Ingenious.

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Wicker Pineapple Storage Basket / Hamper
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Wicker Pineapple Storage Basket / Hamper
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Wicker Pineapple Storage Basket / Hamper
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Wicker Pineapple Storage Basket / Hamper
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Wicker Pineapple Storage Basket / Hamper
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Wicker Pineapple Storage Basket / Hamper
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Wicker Pineapple Storage Basket / Hamper
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Wicker Pineapple Storage Basket / Hamper
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Wicker Pineapple Storage Basket / Hamper
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