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Wonderffle - Stuffed Waffle Iron

Wonderffle - Stuffed Waffle Iron

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If you thought waffles were only for breakfast, then think again. This cool new Wonderffle - Stuffed Waffle Iron allows you to make huge Belgian waffles stuffed with other foods like fried chicken, hamburger, sausage and egg, salads, peanut butter and jelly, apple pie, sliced deli meats and cheese, taco ingredients, s'mores, stick a pancake in there... the possibilities are endless.

This innovative stuffed waffle iron is constructed from cast aluminum that can be used over most cooking surfaces like gas, electric, ovens, outdoor grills, and even campfires. To use, just preheat the bottom and center pans, add your batter up to the indentations, add pre-cooked stuffings, top off the batter, and secure the top pan to the hinge. Cook for a few minutes and then flip it over for another few. Then use the scissor-like handles to open the center pan and deposit the the big 5" round 2" thick stuffed waffle onto a plate and enjoy.

This is not only a fun way to make stuffed waffles at home, I can see this being used in restaurants and even food trucks to invent unique new items for the menu. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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Wonderffle - Stuffed Waffle Iron
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Wonderffle - Stuffed Waffle Iron
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Wonderffle - Stuffed Waffle Iron
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Wonderffle - Stuffed Waffle Iron
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Wonderffle - Stuffed Waffle Iron
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Wonderffle - Stuffed Waffle Iron
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Wonderffle - Stuffed Waffle Iron
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Wonderffle - Stuffed Waffle Iron
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Wonderffle - Stuffed Waffle Iron
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