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QuickFinder Deluxe - Pet Nail Clipper With Automatic Quick Sensor

QuickFinder Deluxe - Pet Nail Clipper With Automatic Quick Sensor

Trimming my cat's claws is usually a painful experience - for me! As soon as the clippers come out, she goes into a literal hissy fit of deadly swipes, possessed growling, psychotic tail thrashing and snapping fangs. I know she's just a little cat, but it's an absolutely terrifying experience trying to hold her down, while protecting myself and carefully clipping her nail without hitting the quick! Well, I think I found a possible solution to get through this routine operation a little quicker.

The QuickFinder Deluxe is a cool new nail clipper for dogs, cats, birds and other small pets with a built-in automatic sensor that distinguishes between nail tissue and the quick (the sensitive tissue below the nail line). When the blade has reached a safe trimming depth, a green LED lights up to give you the go ahead to cut. The blades are made of stainless steel to cleanly and painlessly clip the nail so you can get the whole nightmarish ordeal over as "quick" as possible.

Let me know in the Comments below if you have any good nail trimming techniques. Should I use a net or a tiger tranquilizer or something - I'm serious, trimming her nails has left me permanently scarred and scared for my life!

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