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Kitty Can Chews Organic Cat Grass

Kitty Can Chews Organic Cat Grass

Kitty Can Chews Organic Cat Grass

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When the official office cat here isn't trying to chew on the power cords, she tries to chew on all the plants. I swear this cat is part Billy Goat. So instead of getting her a tin can to chew on all day, I was thinking of getting her some Kitty Can Chews Organic Cat Grass. These cool cat grass containers come in different containers, like a mouse, a goldfish, bird or a frog and comes with organic oat and barley seeds that germinates in about a week. Cat grass is a great treat for cats and of course, much healthier than chewing on computer cables.



  • Comes in its own decorative container and comes complete with one set of oat/barley seeds
  • Pick your kitty's favorite animal: mouse, goldfish, bird or frog
  • Germinates in less than a week!
  • Perfect treat for your pet to eat

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