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16 Ton Doorstop

16 Ton Doorstop

16 Ton Doorstop

If you have a door that just won't stay open, especially on the breeziest of days, you are going to need a 16 Ton Doorstop. This deceptive doorstop doesn't actually weigh 16 tons, but it does hold two pounds of sand. That's more than enough weight to keep a door from slamming shut or holding papers down on your desk. Hmm, do we actually even need paperweights in the 21st century?


  • Sewn doorstop filled with sand
  • Silk screened with 16 ton in white ink on black gabardine
  • Deceptive trapezoid actually weighs 2 pounds
  • Also makes a powerful paperweight
  • Roughly 4" x 4" x 4" with a small handle on top

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