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WWII Practice / Dummy Bomb Replica

WWII Practice / Dummy Bomb Replica

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Need something interesting to help tie a room's decor together? This cool new yet quite retro-inspired WWII Practice Bomb Replica from Man Cave Art is a huge 3.5-foot tall full-scale practice / dummy munition styled after a World War II bomb. It's handmade in the USA from 22 gauge sheet metal that is powder-coated in military olive drab green with stylish yellow stripes, is fully inert AKA non-explosive, and can either be hung from the ceiling or just placed upright. It's perfect for man caves, garages, home theaters, the bedroom, or standing up in the front window of your home for the whole neighborhood to see and enjoy. It also makes a unique gift for war and history buffs, military generals, almost every single man ever, or just someone who's hard to buy for.

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Thermosaurus Radiator
Bring a lot of warmth and a bit of terror to your living room when you swap out your ancient radiator with one that's completely extinct.
Gigantic Worry Eater - Write Down Worries / Fears and Feed
This is a massive version of a cute worry eating creature called a Sorgenfresser that gobbles up anything you write down on paper for a little peace of mind as it digests it all away.
Knock On Wood Knocker
No need to knock on wood yourself, because this little curio will do the knocking for you.
Authentic Cold War Tank Buster Missile!
We love cool stuff for the office and nothing will ever top having a genuine 18 inch, 8 pound Tank Buster Missile sitting right on your desk! It's decorative office weaponry at it's finest and is sure to impress your clients and fellow co-workers and scare your enemies.
Voyager 1 and 2 Golden Record Replica
The infamous Golden Records traveling aboard NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 space probes are the ultimate gold records and now you can hang a replica of one on your wall like a true geek rockstar.
Banana Pool Table
Yep, a pool table shaped like a giant banana.
Rear Window Wiper Moving Cat Tail Decal
This cute decal transforms the boring back and forth swish of a rear window wiper into a much more satisfying wag.
SMASHProps Breakaway Bottle Props
Have you always wanted to smash a beer bottle over someone's head like they do in bar fights in the movies? Well, now you can with your very own collection of realistic movie grade breakaway bottles.
Authentic Chelyabinsk Meteorite Fragment
Now you can enjoy an authentic Chelyabinsk meteorite fragment of your very own, minus reliving the jaw-dropping explosion and brush with extinction.

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WWII Practice / Dummy Bomb Replica
Part metal art, part chandelier, and all bite, this fearsome low poly-inspired (the polygon mesh in 3D graphics) geometric shark is handmade from faceted metal, illuminated from within by LEDs, and hangs from an adjustable height ceiling mount.
WWII Practice / Dummy Bomb Replica
A sleek, modern, and sophisticated upgrade to the typical wooden tumbling tower game and appears almost sculptural when not in play
WWII Practice / Dummy Bomb Replica
It's always a good time for celebrating or starting a little trouble when you have a cannon by your side. A full-size cannon would be a bit too hard to manage and bring along with you, especially to the office, but the Miniature 25 Inch Field Cannon is perfect.
WWII Practice / Dummy Bomb Replica
These realistic candles may look like actual avocados at first glance, but they're actually handcrafted In California from beeswax with cotton wicks.
WWII Practice / Dummy Bomb Replica
The otherworldly deity, Cthulhu, can spread total chaos, insanity, and death across the world and beyond. So, obviously, it makes a great whimsical planter.
WWII Practice / Dummy Bomb Replica
This stunning natural sculpture is hand-carved from Sonokeling Rosewood and can even hold jackets and hats from its limbs if you choose.
WWII Practice / Dummy Bomb Replica
This set of 12 fun emoji-inspired bud vases from designer Tong Wei each have a unique expressive face on them and are crafted from world-famous Jingdezhen porcelain in China.
WWII Practice / Dummy Bomb Replica
This hypnotic solar-powered kinetic sculpture features a stunning aquamarine spiral made from reclaimed fishing nets that seems to spin endlessly beneath a borosilicate glass dome.
WWII Practice / Dummy Bomb Replica
This garden bench may not be quite as impressive as the massive prehistoric standing stones of the actual Stonehenge, but it is way more comfortable to sit on.

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