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Inflatable Diplodocus Dinosaur Costume

Inflatable Diplodocus Dinosaur Costume

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Hopefully, the human race won't go extinct during this 2020 global pandemic, but it will be weird for future alien archaeologists to find my fossilized remains inside this cool new yet quite prehistoric Inflatable Diplodocus Dinosaur Costume from Morph Costumes. This giant inflatable dinosaur costume transforms the wearer into one of the longest sauropods on record, the Diplodocus. While you won't be quite as long as the original Diplodocus, which was almost as long as half a football stadium, you will still be the center of attention. Just step into the costume, zip it up, turn on the internal fan, and prepare to be larger than life. Perfect for (post-pandemic) parties, pranks, Halloween, dance off videos, causing double-takes, or just social distancing.

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