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Doggie Dining Table

Doggie Dining Table

Doggie Dining Table

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If you're a dog, I guess it would be kind of uncomfortable to have to strain down and eat from a lowly bowl on the floor. Many vetrinarians recommend that dogs should eat from elevated bowls to reduce discomfort and help minimize bloating and gas, which is great for everyone. The luxuriously cool new Doggie Dining Table is the solution. This adjustable dinner tray designed just for dogs, keeps their food and water bowls up and off the floor and at a comfortable natural position. Just like your dining table or even better, this one is constructed of an elegant solid hardwood with a Chestnut finish and features a lip to keep two bowls firmly in place and rubber feet to keep it from moving around and causing floor damage. This is definitely going to make your cat jealous.



  • Vets recommend elevated feeding
  • Reduces eating discomfort and helps minimize bloating and gas
  • 5 different feeding heights from 2 7/10" to 10 3/5"
  • Top tray has a lip to keep two bowls firmly in place
  • Rubber feet keep the unit from moving around and help prevent floor damage
  • Elegant solid hardwood with attractive Chestnut finish
  • 18" W x 13" D x 13" H

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