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Pasta Pasta Maker

Pasta Pasta Maker

Pasta Pasta Maker

I've never considered making fresh homemade pasta before, until I saw this cool new Pasta Pasta Maker. This unique Japanese pasta maker quickly creates up to eight different varieties of Italian pasta without using any electricity. Simply start with refrigerated pasta dough or make your own from scratch, insert the dough into the Pasta Pasta Maker, choose a pasta mold and start cranking away. It's kind of like the Play-Doh Factory we all had as kids, but this one creates fun noodle shapes that we can actually eat. Hmm, if nothing else, it gives the kids something fun to do too.


  • Craft 8 different varieties of Italian pasta
  • All parts made of premium, washable ABS plastic
  • No electricity required
  • Includes stamps, crank and molds
  • Manual: Japanese
  • Size: 21cm x 12.5cm x 28cm

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